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Why on EARTH didn’t we use this take.


greenstar910 requested: Lizzie’s face when she hears Darcy say his feelings for her only grew.

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The infamous almost-kiss.


so we’ll… see you around

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"Was that a Darcy-ism?"

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I finished reading The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet. I have a few thoughts on it, some questioning (who really keeps a diary with such detailed prose?), some wishful (I really do wish we got to see other characters’ POVs), most positive due to my overwhelming love for this series. I need to sort them all out.

But there’s one part in particular towards the end that I need to mention, and I’m sure other people have discussed it ad nauseum (under a cut for spoilers):

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"I think you out-hipstered yourself today" - lizziebennetdiaries

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