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Rashida Jones Is TBS’ ‘Angie Tribeca’

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I love my Parks and Rec family

Rashida Jones talked to Jimmy about filming her last episode of Parks & Rec.

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New Sara Bareilles video “Brave” directed by Rashida Jones

The ladies of Parks and Recreation. (x)

The Women of Parks and Recreation | People’s Most Beautiful issue

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Billy Eichner and Rashida Jones Play ‘Whistle-Blow That Jew!’

Rashida Jones plays Billy Eichner’s favorite new game, in which Rashida must decide whether celebrities once had Jewish-sounding names.

Billy on the Street airs Friday night at 10/9c on Fuse!

Happy 37th Birthday Rashida Jones (b. Feb 25, 1976) 

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Amy is like the best camp counselor ever: She sets the tone of the show, which is collaborative and playful. I know it sounds corny, but it’s just true.

My favorite scenes are when Amy gets to go off the cuff and be the virtuosic improviser that she is. When they do the jump cut scenes, it’s usually because she has done so many funny things with a scene that they want to be able to use it all.

Because we are so close, I demand that Amy give me advice. She’s really good at it. She always encourages me to stay present and true to myself. She is my life coach and my emotional midwife.