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AKA yumytaffy elsewhere on the Interwebs. Apparently I need another outlet to fangirl over Parks and Rec, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Community, and Doctor Who.
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Going to the PaleyFest panel for Community tonight. It’s the only one I’m attending this year because Parks isn’t in the lineup, and it’s all live streaming anyway. (I would’ve gone to New Girl, but last year’s panel was 75% painful, 25% the cast being awesome, and I wasn’t sure that percentage was worth the cost of admission again.) I also wish I was a little more excited for Community, but I’ve seen all of this season so far, and it mostly just bums me out, so. At least the cast is always reliably hilarious.

  1. courtknees said: Funny, I was just watching a New Girl paleyfest video a couple of days ago because youtube said I should. Painful is an accurate word.
  2. beetsbearbsg said: I like how you fail to mention your obsession with Joel McHale. You’re going to stalk his ass and I know it. Send me photos either way.
  3. i-relish-your-wit said: Have a wonderful time!
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